Heads of School

About the Heads of School

Emily Carson worked at Excellence Girls Middle Academy, an all-girls Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn. She started her career in education at a district school in the Bronx as a part of the Teach For America program. She taught there for three years as a history and special education teacher.

Emily spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 in Israel teaching with TALMA: The Israel Program for Excellence in English. This is where she first learned about Hebrew Public Charter Schools. Emily recognizes Hebrew Public as a unique and powerful community for which students and teachers belong to, and she is excited to work with families to help all students access a global education.

Emily is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Fordham’s Graduate School of Education. She’s a middle child of seven kids and is a die-hard Tar Heel and college basketball fan. She started Ulpan in January, and is excited to get to grow and develop her Hebrew skills alongside Harlem Hebrew students.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys cooking and baking new recipes, reading memoirs and history books.

Jason Epting is an esteemed twenty plus year educator. Jason has a passion for teaching, development, and social justice. Over the course of his career, he has served as an elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, Dean of Students, Director of School Culture, Mentor Principal, and Director of College Success Officer for Harlem Village Academies.

Jason has expressed what drew him to Harlem Hebrew was the school’s dedication to global citizenship and the emphasis on language development. Jason remarks, “Harlem Hebrew has the foundation to be the type of school I would send my own kids to. Everyone that I met shared the same passion to help educate all of our students at the highest level while still making sure that the families we serve are partners in creating the school of their dreams.”

Jason is a fitness junkie who loves to eat. He enjoys being a mentor and life coach and has traveled the country to spread the message about quality education for all. Interesting fact — Jason was featured in the movie TeachedTeached is a series of short films that focuses on race, education, and equality.