Dear Harlem Hebrew Community,

Welcome to the Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School! I am honored to serve as the Head of School as we embark on our first year of being a fully grown elementary school for the 2017-2018 school year. As a parent of two elementary school-aged children myself, I take on this position with a deep sense of responsibility knowing that all of you have entrusted your children with us here at Harlem Hebrew.

With its focus on diversity, dual-language instruction, and social-emotional development, Harlem Hebrew provides a warm and nurturing environment to help all students reach their fullest potential. Our school emphasizes preparing students for global citizenship while teaching them the importance of empathy and responsibility.

Our curriculum and instructional systems are going through shifts this year as we grow. As a result, our teachers and staff will undergo robust professional development and coaching to ensure our students are getting a rigorous, content-rich education. Students will be held to high expectations for conduct as well as academic performance, and the Harlem Hebrew staff and teachers will use research-based best practices to ensure scaffolds and supports are in place to meet students’ needs.

A priority at Harlem Hebrew is that all of our families feel welcomed here and can find ways to participate in our school community. Whether you choose to engage in our Parent Organization, chaperone a trip with your child’s class, or attend a school event, we are committed to establishing multiple access points for our families to partner with us for the ultimate benefit of our students. Educational research shows that one of the most important characteristics of an effective school is building a strong home-school relationship. Harlem Hebrew seeks to enhance the partnership with its current families and to forge this partnership with new families to our community.

As we work together to ensure all of our children get the best education possible at Harlem Hebrew, working with all members of the school community is vital. Please know my door is always open and I look forward to partnering with all of you to make certain the future for all of our students is the brightest it can possibly be!

Lindsay Malanga
Head of School

P.S. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions and concerns at any time: